Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Are Someone Special In My Life

Have you ever had one of those times when you know in your 'knower' that God is speaking to you? This has been one of those mornings that I 'know' I have heard from Him.

After being up a short time, I heard a loud noise in the sky that got louder and louder so I went outside to look and I saw several military helicopters flying over. One helicopter by itself is very loud but when you get several flying together, the sound is alarming and you can hear the house shake.

I was reminded of our bible study meeting we had last night as we all sat outside in the dark under a full moon sky and talked about our God and listened to the peacefulness of His creation. Then I imagined what it was like in a battle area with the sound of guns, helicopters, and tanks. Even though it is the same sky in a battle area, there is no sound of peacefulness and I wonder what our troops are feeling there.

As many of you know, our troops encountered a fierce battle this week-end in Afganistan that lasted for hours and we lost some precious members of this United States in that battle. Afganistan is in the news this week with our President deciding whether or not to send more troops there at the request of the commanders who are there fighting for freedom and peace.

God reminded me about the story of Elisha when he was surrounded by a great host of the enemy. His servant was scared and Elisha told him to fear not for there were more for them than is coming against them. Then Elisha prayed and the servants eyes were opened and he saw a great army of God around them to protect them.

We can pray for this great host of God's army to be around our troops all over the world to protect them too. His word never fails.

That was part of what God spoke to me this morning the second part was that we could use our freedom of blogging to show our support of our troops and of their families. If everyone that reads this blog would pray then also blog something about our troops and the support of them and encourage their followers to do the same, especially right now, much would happen in the spiritual and physical realm. How many families out there would that be an encouragement to? Many!! How far would this go?? Time will tell and I hope that whoever is reading this will participate.

As the Lord was speaking to me about doing this, I was wondering what picture I would use and as I looked up there on my counter was my kleenex box with the blue ribbon we were given at church a few weeks ago. The ribbon says 'You Are Someone Special In My Life' and we were to keep one and give the other to someone that is special to us.

How appropiate to dedicate this ribbon on a kleenex box to our soldiers.

You Are Someone Special In My Life and I am praying for all of you and your families that are living without you with them. God's blessings upon all of you!!!


  1. What a beautiful post.
    I do agree with you and I will be praying for our troops also.
    We have those helicopters fly over us also.
    God bless

  2. This is close to my heart as my son is in the army and is one of the guys who works on those helicopters. He is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in February. Thanks for you post, and I'm praying too!

  3. I heard those same helicopters this morning and I too went outside to see what was going on. Though I'm not a blogger, I will stand with you in prayer for our troops and their families. We have a family member serving in Afghanistan and it does make a difference knowing our country is holding them up in prayer. This is a wonderful idea, Sandra!!


  4. How beautiful! Not sure if you know, but my husband is in the military and is away from us all week and home on weekends. He was in Iraq 2 years ago and with all the talk about Afghanistan, there's the possibility of him going there.

    Thank you to all those who serve our country, whether here at home or overseas.

    Your blog is very nice. Thank you for visiting mine!

  5. You know I am joining you in prayer for our wonderful troops who sacrifice for us. I also linked to this post this morning. What a wonderful idea Sandra to pass that ribbon on here the way you have.

  6. What a wonderful way to communicate a need to support our military men and women. They are often giving the ultimate sacrifice, they need prayer more than anything. God Bless you.

  7. This is wonderful, Sandra! What a great idea! I most definitely am with you. In fact, I went right away to make a post and linked back here to you. I hope many others will join you in prayer, and on their blogs. Thanks for this great reminder.

  8. Sandra - I just had to come back here and tell you that I loved the scarecrow story you told me in your comment. It sounds like a moment you need to blog on!

  9. Love this and I'm passing it on for other's to read.

  10. Great post. Thank you for the reminder. We have a family friend who is over there right now. Definitely praying!

  11. Now that we live in a military town it is
    so 'closer to home' for us. Several of those soldiers who died were from Ft. Carson, not 5 miles from where we live. One of our neighbors has just returned and another neighbor left for Afghanistan in May for 1 year.
    It reminds me not only to pray, but how grateful for our protection because of their sacrifice.

  12. do agree with you and I will be praying for our troops also. Work From Home