Sunday, July 25, 2010


I remember as a child playing a game or trying to make an image in the sand or trying to build something and when it didn't turn out as we planned we would yell "OVERS" and try it again.
There are times in life when we can have 'overs' when the outcome isn't what we anticipated.

Yet there are times in life when things are final and no 'overs' are granted. Yesterday was a day I truly wished we could have overs. Someone we loved very much in a moment of despair and anger decided to take his own life. In just a split second, he's gone. In death, there are no overs. It's final. If only we could have overs, so much would be said. If we could have forseen the outcome of that day, he would still be here living today.

Yesterday, when so many hearts were broken, and a life ended on earth, the birds did not quit singing, the sun did not stop shining, and the flowers did not stop blooming. The living keep on living because God is life. Those he left behind will go on living but with a void in our life and with much sorrow for a long time. I know if he could see the outcome of his decision, he would want overs too.

I thank God that He is so merciful even when we experience the death of a loved one. Because He is life....and in our sorrow, we still experience life all around us. Children laughing, birds singing, flowers blooming and tomorrow the sun will rise again.

Once a day is gone, you will never experience that day again. But oh how I wish we could have overs for yesterday.