Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have been amazed as a Christian at the results of studying our Jewish Roots of the Bible. Not only has what I have learned deepened my relationship with my Lord and my understanding of His Word, it has at the same time made me realize how we Christians have also had blinders over our eyes.

One of the things I have read about was a time in history when no one was allowed to have a Bible to read for themselves except for the leader. All of the learning came from what the leader would tell you. We can look back on that time in history and see how absurd that was when in reality, the church today HAS BEEN very much the same way. I say HAS BEEN because more and more people are starting to dig into the Word of God in these last days for themselves not relying 'only' on what a leader may teach us.

When I first started studying my Jewish Roots, my Jewish Messiah Jesus, and the Feasts Of God, I was met with some that were skeptical and afraid that "I might get off into wrong teaching or worse...a cult." This was no different from that time in history when no one was allowed to read the Bible for themselves. But praise God, the blinders are coming off and more and more pastors, teachers, and leaders are understanding and teaching the depth of God's Word.

Today marks a very important date in the history and in the future of mankind. Today is the New Year on God's calendar. It is called many names and one of those names is Feast Of Trumpets.

It is the day God created the world. The only feast day that is marked by a New Moon, a new moon of creation that then grows into a full moon.

It is the day that Abraham bound Isaac to offer him as a sacrifice to God and the Angel of the Lord intervened and stopped him. A ram was caught in the thicket by his horn, (trumpet or shofar) that is Feast of Trumpets, then the ram was sacrificed.

And today is the next Feast day to be fulfilled by Jesus. He fulfilled Passover when He was slain, Unleaven Bread when he went into the grave, First Fruits when He rose again from the dead, and Pentecost when He sent the Holy Spirit to man. All fulfilled in their order and the next feast day to be fulfilled is Feast of Trumpets. God is a God of order!

He said in His Word that He is coming for those that are watching. Keep your eyes on the sky and keep watching whether He comes today, tomorrow, months, or years, He is coming for His Bride. And together with Jesus, we will enter into the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.

Revelation 19:9........Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.