Friday, December 31, 2010


As I think back over the past year, there have been many changes. Some were absolute miracles and blessings from God and some were heartbreaking and still are today.

I want to thank God for His protection this time last year on New Year's Eve 2009. There was no way for us to have come out of that spinning on ice in complete circles in both directions with no injuries and no wrecked vehicle without a divine hand intervening in the situation. To God I give all the glory.

We were expecting the arrival of my son's first baby in March. What we didn't know was that our daughter was also expecting but was afraid to tell us and afraid to go through a second pregnancy because of the complications with her first child. Her daughter Allison had been asking Jesus for a baby sister.

My weekly Bible Study Group continued to meet here at my home and this group of women grew and we also grew in the knowledge of our God. The times of sharing our hearts with each other and praying for one another and our families were so special. I was also able to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry in our church in the month of March. Many people have been ministered to through this ministry.

Our son's daughter Abigail came on March 31st on my daughter's birthday. Funny how God sets dates to coincide with dates. She was a beautiful baby and today she is crawling and trying to pull up to stand. I am also very blessed to be able to care for her when her mother returned to work.

We all held our breath as we waited for the arrival of our third grand-child in August, knowing of what happened with the first pregnancy. God kept his hand upon Amanda throughout her pregnancy and upon the baby.

July came and our friend Ricky, who was like a son to us, made a sudden decision to take his own life. There have been many tears over his leaving and tonight as I write this, it would have been his 35th birthday today. Ricky, my heart breaks not knowing where you are for eternity.

Ten days later, on August 4th, our daughter delivers a healthy baby boy. Nathan, our first grandson. His sister Allison had been asking Jesus for a sister. We told her Jesus knows best and He wanted her to have a brother instead. Among the heartache of the death of Ricky, there is joy in the birth of a baby. So many emotions are flowing during this time. Thankfulness for God's hand upon our daughter and upon our grand-babies that were born and mourning for Ricky.

As the fall months came we lose a few more friends to death. It's been a reality check when you get out the Christmas decorations and see a tag from a gift that our friend Juanita had given us the previous year and now she is with the Lord.

Our Pastor for the last 12 years Gary Rogers has suddenly been moved by God to another area of Oklahoma to minister. We were very blessed to have an associate Pastor Steve Lee, that agreed to take on the responsibility of continuing to lead our church. Today our church is growing in all areas with many young people coming into the faith of Jesus.

The Bible Study ended suddenly in the fall. There were many reasons for ending it even though I fought for many months to continue it, but I felt a release the night I ended it. I believe God has a plan and a step up from what we were doing here. Time will tell if this is true.

New Years Eve 2010......Tonight as I look back over the past year, I thank you God for your hand upon our family. Thank you for our parents that are still with us and for seeing them through many difficulties this year. Thank you for our friends that have remained with us.

I ask Lord, for Shalom, (Peace) to be upon my family and friends in 2011. May nothing be missing and nothing be broken. May everything be complete. Open the eyes of our hearts to see you and to become closer to you this next year as we wait for your return. In Jesus name I pray....Amen