Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas At Our Home

Santa's little helper!!

Allison showing off her new bible she just unwrapped.

Starting at the top is our grand-daughter Allison, me, husband Travis, son Jeramy, bottom is son-in-law Chris, daughter Amanda, and daughter-in-law Brandi who is expecting our second grand-daughter in March.

We celebrated Christmas last night at our home with our children. "What's for supper Grandpa" ham, potatoes with gravy, deviled eggs, frito corn salad, green beans, and hot buttered rolls. For dessert we had chocolate pie and apple dumplings. YUM YUM!! Our three year old grand-daughter Allison said the prayer before we ate.
We celebrate one night at our home, Christmas Eve at my parents home, and Christmas Day at my husband's parents. We are very blessed to still have our parents to celebrate with and I cherish that. Because of the winter storm we are having right now, we rushed over to my parent's home today to celebrate before the storm got too bad. I don't know if we will make it to my in-law's tomorrow because of the snow. This is the first time in history that our area has been issued a 'blizzard' warning. The national guard has been called out to help rescue stranded motorists with many of the roads being closed down.
There is a car dealership in Tulsa that had a special promotion selling cars in November and their statement was that anyone that bought a car during that promotion period, that if it snowed on Christmas Day, that their car would be free. I think they are kicking themselves right now.
Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Sandra! It's nice to see a picture of your beautiful family. Santa's helper is awfully cute!
    That storm is headed our way. We've had freezing rain tonight. My whole family is coming over tomorrow, so I hope the roads aren't too bad.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Sandra! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Tell Chris to take care of my place at your table!! ha!

    Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas,

  3. You are indeed blessed. Your family looks wonderful. And what a blessing indeed to still have your parents. Praying your Christmas will be filled with the love of Christ and your loved ones.

  4. Loved the family photo and your "helper". What a great family. Dinner sounded yummy!!Our Christmas Eve dinner & celebration was cancelled due to the storm. We're seeing what we may be able to do today.

  5. We are in the same state! I'm actually in the same homeschooling group as your friend from Walking Out His Good Plans. I'd heard this was our first blizzard warning, so I assumed that meant it was our first blizzard too. But the news said today that we had one in 2002 or 2006 (can't remember). I don't remember that!

    Merry Christmas! Loved seeing the pics of your beautiful family!

  6. Wow, I bet that'll be the last time they do a promotion like that! They're probably saying "Who's crazy idea was that anyway!"
    Glad you were able to spend time with your family in spite of the blizzard.
    Happy 2010 to ya!

  7. Such beautiful pictures and I love your tree, no wonder you leave it up longer and enjoy it :)

  8. Sandra,looked like you all had a great Christmas! Allison looks adorable and I loved your family picture. Love, Rosetta

  9. What a lovely Christmas celebration you had with your family! I love that your grandaughter said the prayer. How sweet! I know we are blessed by our little ones every time we hear them pray! Blessings!