Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reflections Of The Past

This is a special time of year for our family. The season marks the birthday of our only grandchild Allison and the season of healing our daughter Amanda received three years ago. They are both a reflection of God's grace, mercy, restoration, and healing power.

The journey began in 2006 when Amanda became pregnant with Allison. It was a time in a young woman's life that she always looks forward to, having that first child. Amanda was finishing up her degree in college when our 'Job' experiences began in her third month of pregnancy.

She was having severe pain in her stomach. We made many trips to the hospital that year, 16 to be exact. Sometimes it was overnight and sometimes it was up to two weeks. There were many tests done that could be done on a pregnant woman. Different doctors were called in but no one could figure out what was causing the problem. All they could do was treat the symptoms and so she was on morphine or demeral during her stays in the hospital and other pain meds when not in the hospital.

It was truly a 'One Day At A Time' walk with the Lord, praying each day for the battle she faced that day while still trying to live in a state of expecting the joy of a new baby. We stood on Jeremiah 1:5..Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee and that is the verse she used on the baby shower invitations.

Amanda experienced kidney stones, kidney infections, her gall bladder was removed, blood transfusions, diabetis which would show up then it wouldn't, eclampsia, yes eclampsia, resulting in a seisure on Labor Day and therefore the emergency delivery of a baby 7 weeks early.

I could write a book. It was unbelievable. Yet God was with us throughout the ordeal, giving us a healthy grandbaby with no effects from all the medications, tests, and gall bladder surgery.

Amanda came home without the baby then one week later Allison came home. We were so thankful and thought the battle was over only to have Amanda back to the hospital 3 weeks after delivery with severe pain again.

This time they found something. They said it was a mass in her small intestine. My parents came and stayed with our premature grand-baby while I stayed with Amanda. Her husband Chris had to work to keep the insurance they desperately now needed.

Her intestine was telescoping on itself along with growths inside of it which was the source of the pain all along. She had another surgery with the removal of part of the intestine along with the growths inside. The recovery was long with a very weak but determined daughter.

I watched her stand in faith throughout that year and in the years that have followed. I heard her prayers to God during that time and I heard her intercede for her baby. They are both very healthy now. They have a new home and Amanda has that job she worked so hard for.

It was a time of growing closer to the Lord and growing closer with those that stood in the gap and prayed for us. It was a time when no man, doctor, or nurse had the answer and God's Word stood alone.

So this Labor Day I look at the picture above which is a reflection of God's grace, mercy, restoration and healing power.

And I proclaim "GREAT IS OUR GOD".


  1. What a testimony to God's faithfulness during the hard times. That picture is a miracle. I'm so glad your granddaughter arrived healthy and what a cutie. So thankful they figured out the source of the problem and she was able to have it taken care of.

  2. That is a great testimony of faith and God's grace throughout a tough situation. Happy Birthday to Allison~!

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my photo blog. I don't think it's easy to sell pictures though, and I just like to take them for my enjoyment. If anyone wants to take a copy from my blog, I'm fine with that!

  4. Sorry I didn't know you then so we could have been part of those standing in faith with and for you. What satan meant for harm God has turned into good Romans 8:28 and all to the Glory and Testimony of our Great God and Savior, Jesus.

  5. Rejoicing with you! God has been faithful to us, friend. What is the name of the condition they discovered after Amanda switched doctors?

  6. Sandy,
    Thank you for posting the pictures and sharing the story of your faith walk with your beautiful family. I think the lovely factor runs pretty high around your house. What a beautiful daughter and Grandaughter you have.-Kathy

  7. What a great testimony of God's faithfulness. Happy Bithday to Allison!

  8. Wow! What a testimony indeed! To God be the Glory! It is almost spooky how much we have in common. I found out I was pregnant with my first child (my son Trey,) when I was only two weeks along because I went into the hospital to have emergency gall bladder surgery. They prepped me for surgery and then came in and told us they were going to cancel the surgery because I was pregnant. We were so excited, but, I was still having so much trouble that they decided they had to do the surgery or I might spotaneously abort, and lose the baby. So, they brought in a special anesthesiologist and OBGYN to work with the surgeon. And God is good, and so faithful to His own. Our Trey is covered by His hand. I developed asthmu in my first tri-mester, as a result of being exposed to mold at my job, so I had to quit, and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks as a result. We moved into a new house, and I had a fall down the stairs into the basement, falling onto a chair in my second month. I was a teacher, and was attacked and kicked right in the stomach at my job, by a student, who was off her meds, and whom the mother had neglected to tell us was bi-polar, because her daughter had been asked to leave other schools and she didn't want the discrimination up front, so she tried to hide it from us. Then in my sixth/seventh month, I was in a car accident, hit by a 17 year old going too fast, with a new licence, during the first snow of the year. And in the end, I lost my mother, and had to plan a funeral 2 weeks before giving birth to our son. I know in my heart that the Lord has great and mighty plans for Trey, and that the Lord had His hand over him all the time. The verse I claimed for him is "For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. God Bless our two little ones, and may God bless the future He has planned for them both. Thanks for sharing! Isn't it neat how the Lord brings people together or has them cross paths? We really do have so much in common! WOW!

  9. That is such a beautiful testimony of joy. What beautiful 'fruit' in your granddaughter.

  10. How wonderful are the deeds of our Great God! I never tire of hearing of His great love for us! Thank you!

  11. He is our healer and our deliverer! What a testimony your daughter and granddaughter are to that statement!

  12. Wow, what a story of resiliency and miracles! Thanks for sharing it. Your granddaughter is not only a gift; she's a hard-won girl, and I'm sure, all the more precious for it.

    Were the doctors able to determine the cause of the telescoping intestine? I have Crohn's disease and have had two surgeries to remove damaged parts of intestine. The body's ability to heal is amazing!