Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Fast Are Your Prayers

I'm a person with a personality of analyzing things I see. Although I don't have a very scientific mind, God has given me a spiritual mind as He has all His children, to see spiritual things in what is going on around us.

Does this picture of a plane breaking the sound barrier have a spiritual truth in it about prayer and about the catching away of the believers referred to as the Rapture?

When a plane travels faster than the speed of sound, a phenomenon happens that can be seen with the eye. A cloud forms around the plane then a loud boom is heard.

When we pray, just how fast do our prayers move in the atmosphere? Do they cause a phenomenon in the heavenlies like a plane breaking the sound barrier with a cloud and a boom?

It is documented that light travels faster than sound. We recently had an evangelist at our church that spoke about his friend that is a scientist for Nasa. He was told that Nasa has discovered that light travels faster than originally thought. One of the experiments done showed that when light reached point B, it had not even left point A yet.

When we receive Jesus, the light of the world into our spirits, then when we pray, our prayers not only have sound in them but light also. So that would mean that the moment we pray, our prayers are already in the throne room before we finish praying.

Concerning the Rapture, 1 Corinthians 15:52 says......In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incoruptible and we shall be changed.

We know that 'in the twinkling of an eye' is a speed that's very fast. Could it be like the speed of light, before we left we are already there with the Lord? We know there is a sound, the sound of a trumpet. Will this phenomena be like the picture of the plane above???

We know that when Jesus left, a cloud received Him..Acts 1:9. Acts 1:11..the angel said He would return in like manner.

What would all of this mean at the point of death here on earth for a believer? Would that mean that at a point of leaving, we are already in His presence?? I know that the scripture says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord but just how fast does that transition happen????

I don't know but it sure brings me comfort thinking about these things.

I pray that your name be inscribed in The Book Of Life.


  1. What interesting thoughts you have today, and they are comforting as well.
    Yes - my name is in that book!

  2. My name is there and I too believe it will be so instantaneous. He wouldn't leave us in limbo.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


  3. Sandra, I love your post. First, a phenomenal picture you posted. Second, the Word says that He knows what we have need of even BEFORE we ask. Of course that is because He is all-knowing, but we still pray. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. So even though He knows, we still pray.

    I love the analogy and comparison you made in this post. I love your deep thoughts. Blessings!

  4. Totally believe that I will step out of this body into the presence of the Lord. The angels will carry me faster than the speed of light and I will be in His presence. No fear of that moment, only anticipation of a glorious transition!!!! Oh what a day it will be! and Susan will join me there, glory to God!

  5. This is truly comforting. Especially for me, since I've already lost my mom and dad, as well as others in my life. I catch myself worried about if they were in any pain, and this helps to think of it as instantaneous.

  6. To be there with Him in a moment!!! and with no memory of sin!!!! Nothing could be more glorious and it will be glorious...oh what a day that will be, glorious day.

  7. Sandra, What lovely thoughts. Oh to be looking forward to that great day! Thanks for coming over today and leaving a comment. I was here once when you first started as Susan provided a link, but now I'll put your blog in my favorites folder and become a follower so that I don't forget to check on you. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

  8. Hi! I responded to your comment on my blog. I also added a note to the top of my post to clarify. I'm glad you shared what you did, because I was trying to convey something different and your comment helped me to try to rephrase and make things more clear.


  9. This is a timely post as tomorrow is the first anniversary of the death of my wonderful grandfather. He and my grandma raised me, so he was like my father. His struggle with lung cancer was fast. The day he died, I was with him and the hospice nurse told me that he was showing the signs that he would pass away that day. I left the room to let my grandma and mom know what the nurse said and when I returned, Poppy was gone. I hope it's true that at that instant he was with Jesus. Thank you for this post, Sandra.

  10. What a blessing to know that truth of being with Jesus in a moment. I'm so glad you shared!