Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Abigail Hope Does the name of a child really matter??? If you are a Christian and have studied the Bible, you know how important a name is. Many times a name was given in anticipation of what that child would become....someone good and honorable not only to the parents but to the Lord also.

My son and daughter-in-love are expecting their first child soon and her name will be Abigail Hope. What a wonderful name to have especially in these times we are living in right now.

Abigail.....'Ab' means father and 'gail or giyl (Hebrew)' means joy, rejoice, gladness.
It is the name of two Israelitesses in the Bible.

Hope means a favorable and confident expectation. A forward look with assurance.
Hope describes the anticipation of good.

As believers in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we do not react to the events taking place around us as someone who has no hope because WE HAVE A HOPE AND A FUTURE!!!! We look forward with assurance to that hope 'Jesus' who came and died for our sins and is returning very soon.

Psalm 10:28....The hope (expectation) of the righteous will be gladness.

Just as I am excited about my new grand-daughter coming soon, I am even more excited about Jesus coming soon.

Abigail Hope....Her father's joy is expecting gladness from her life just as our Heavenly Father's Joy is expecting gladness from our life when we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

What a wonderful name of expectation we are waiting for!!


  1. What a beautiful name, and the meaning of it adds so much to it!

  2. Very pretty name. What an honor for your new granddaughter to be born into not only a spiritual, earthly family, but like you said, to be her Heavenly Father's Joy as well!

  3. How pretty.
    I have always had the first name of my little girl picked out `Katrina`. It's only recently I have thought of the perfect middle name `Nicole`. However, I don't have any little girls. So I'm praying for a granddaughter to maybe carry that name.

  4. SHE will see the KING!!!!! How glorious is that truth. So will we!!!!!! Oh, what a day of rejoicing that will be.

  5. Abigail Hope is a beautiful name. Abby?

  6. Beautiful post. What an anticipation of true JOY!

  7. Two beautiful names that sound beautiful together. Her future is indeed bright.

  8. I love the name and am so happy for you and your children. What a blessing to watch your family increase.

  9. Love that name, Sandra. What a joy for you, to anticipate this young lady's coming. The most exciting thing. But you are so right, the second coming of Jesus is what we anticipate most of all.

  10. What a beautiful name they've chosen! And what a beautiful meaning! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. We gave thought to the meaning of each of our girls names. We chose names that were meaningful to us or had a spiritual meaning.

    I love the beauty in your granddaughter's name! She will always feel blessed to know her name was picked for a special reason.

    My name does not have a beautiful meaning, but I was names after a very special person in my mom's life. That always meant a lot to me.

  12. Oh, forgot to mention how nice your blog looks! Love the daisies!!!

  13. Hi Sandra and thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, Pastor Walter Hallam is my home pastor! :)

  14. Congratulations! What a beautiful name! Blessings to the new baby!